Download JSPM app

This is a third party app, developed by Neodynamic and we are using it to print labels to thermal printers, using the native format of the printer.

Please download the appropriate version for your system.

Unified Installer for Windows 32/64 bit

  jspm- 12 MB

 Windows Authenticode Certificate

MS Edge & Internet Explorer (IE) Settings

Internet Explorer (IE) or MS Edge users must allow websocket connection to localhost! Open Internet Explorer, then click ⚙ (Gear Icon) ⇨ Internet Options ⇨ Security ⇨ Local Intranet ⇨ Sites ⇨ Uncheck the first checkbox as shown below:

IE11 and MS Edge Settings

System Requirements

 Windows XP
 Windows Vista
 Windows 7
 Windows 8.x
 Windows 10
 Internet Explorer 10+
 Microsoft Edge
 Mozilla Firefox 31+
 Google Chrome 31+
 Safari 6.0.3+

macOS Universal Installer (Apple Silicon ARM & Intel Chips)

  jspm- 15.8 MB

 Signed & Notarized by Apple

System Requirements

 macOS/OSX 10.7+ / Intel or Apple Silicon ARM
 Safari shipped with the OS or latest version
 Mozilla Firefox latest version
 Google Chrome latest version

Debian-based Systems (64-bit)

  jspm- 4.17 MB

INSTALLATION NOTE: Please install from Terminal: sudo dpkg -i jspm-

RedHat-based Systems (64-bit)

  jspm- 5.58 MB

INSTALLATION NOTE: Please install from Terminal: sudo rpm -i jspm-

 GPG Signed

System Requirements

 Debian 8+
 Ubuntu 12.04+
 Linux Mint 13+
 Fedora 20+
 CentOS 7.0+
 Mozilla Firefox shipped with the OS or latest version
 Google Chrome latest version

JSPM App - Privacy Policy

    JSPM App does not log or share your personal information. It does not track you. It does not profile you. Period.
    Each time a website tries to connect to JSPM App, it will ask you for permission to expose the following information of your system to that website:
    • The list of installed Printers & Scanners including information like device name, port name, and current status.
    • The list of Serial Ports.
    • The list of installed Fonts.