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SKU is short for Stock Keeping Unit, is made up of alphanumeric characters and is designed to be unique to a single product. It’s important to note that the SKU is not the same as a product’s UPC (barcode).

If you are selling products it is important to set up your inventory correctly and one of the most important parts of this process is setting up the product SKU.

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Save the time fighting Excel sheets to generate SKUs for our products.

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The application is available on Shopify App Store.

The app includes a free to use plan which lets you create simple SKUs for all your products. Try it now!


Free plan

With the free version of the app, you can generate SKU for all products in your store, using a Prefix, Suffix, Auto number and '-' as delimitter.

You can also preview the SKU generated using all the other app features.

All-features plan

For only $9.95 one-time fee, you can use all the features, as long as the app is installed on your store.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can! The app allows you to choose if you overwrite the existing SKUs or generate only if the SKU is missing.
Yes, it can! The app does not limit the number of SKUs, it will only take longer. Our record to date, is 60.000 SKUs generated for one store.
Yes it does. However, not all combinations of options will generate unique SKUs. For example, if you choose to deactivate the auto-number option, the generated SKUs might not be unique.
No, the existing SKUs are not checked. We recommend to generate SKUs for all your products with our app, to ensure uniqueness and consistency.
We might do it. Please get in touch with us and we'll analyze your request.


The app allows you to create SKUs by choosing a combination of codes created automatically, based on your product’s data or on the data you enter in the app.

SKU template page

You can arrange the components of the SKU code in different ways using the pre-defined Layouts.

Code types

These code types are used for product options, product type and product vendor abbreviation.

Generator Target

You may create SKUs for all your products in one go or you may choose to create the SKU codes one collection at a time.

If you select to create the codes for a collection, you could use the Prefix or the Suffix to create a coding specific to that collection.

Also, you can generate SKUs for a set of products selected using the powerful search of Shopify admin. Search the products that need SKUs, select them and click Actions / Generate SKUs menu, to send the products to the SKU generator, as in the image below.

SKU product list selection

The collection and product list filters are available for the paid version of the app.

Other options

The Set only missing SKUs checkbox allows you to generate SKUs only for variants without SKU, leaving the rest of the SKUs untouched.

Remove spaces - when codes are made from the first N letters it may include spaces; if this is checked, all spaces in the generated SKU are removed.

Options first chars - This applys only if Product options uses one of the following: First character, First 2, First 3 or First 4.

SKU Preview

This section lists 10 products, from the selected collection if you choosed to target a collection, to provide a preview of how the generated SKU will look like.

SKU template page

You can see, side by side, the existing SKU of a product (variant) and the SKU which will be created by the app, in real time, as you change the generator's options.

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