Fan Shipping

Shopify Courier Integration

The Fan Shipping application is designed to hosts integrations for multiple couriers.

Our app is able to automate the process of generating tracking numbers, keeping the customers up to date with the status of the delivery and update the Shopify backend according to the delivery status of each order.

Each courier has its specific options but the app's main functionalities are the same for all couriers.

Fan Shipping application logo


The application is available on Shopify App Store.

Go to the App Store and try it! Its free for up to 30 labels per month.


The pricing is based on how many labels are created in a month.

Free Basic Standard Premium Elite Pro 3k
Monthly price $0$5$10$15$20$40
Labels included 3010025050010003000
Additional usage rate *$0.05$0.04$0.03$0.02$0.01
Calculated rates * NoNoYesYesYesYes



At the moment the app includes the following integrations:


All the features presented below are available for all couriers.

Save the time spent filling shipping forms on courier's web pages or apps. You don't have to copy-pase data from Shopify anymore! Let the app do it for you!

Fan Shipping shipment list and batch generation page

You can use the powerful Orders search page from the Shopify admin to find orders you want to fulfill.

Go to the All orders page, search for the orders you need, select them, then from the Actions dropdown send them to our app.

search order to fulfill

The selected orders will be loaded in the app where you can start the fulfillment process or print their labels.

Packing Slips

There are five predefined packing slip templates available and a customizable packing slip, based on the liquid language.

The app can print packing slips for your orders in bulk. Just go to the Order Shipment List page, select the orders on the right side of the list, then click the Packing Slip button.

bulk print packing slips

The packing slips can be viewed and printed individually, too, by clicking on the small buttons from the Label column.

Please read the application's privacy policy here and the terms and conditions for providing this service.