Scan order barcode

The DPD Integration for Shopify can scan barcodes using the device camera, when it is started from the Shopify mobile app.

When the barcode is scanned, the app quickly finds the order linked to the barcode and shows the options for that order.

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How it works

The barcode must represent the order name (e.g. #1010) or the order ID (the internal Shopify ID for the order).

The customizable packing slip (liquid template) printed by the app can include order barcodes.

These are the liquid code snippets that you can use in the customizable packing slip template, to display a barcode which can be scanned by the app:

Using external barcode scanners

The scan button will be disabled in the following situations:

In this cases you can use external barcode scanners. All you need to do is to click in the Order barcode value field, scan the barcode using the barcode scanner, then click the Search button to find the order.

The app can also be configured to search the order automatically if Enter character is detected (most scanners can be configured to send the Enter char after the barcode).

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