DPD Integration for Shopify

We are offering Shopify integration with DPD, one of the top courier companies in Europe.

Our integration app is able to automate the process of generating tracking numbers, keeping the customers up to date with the status of the delivery and close the fulfillment on successful delivery.

We integrate Shopify stores with:

DPD and DPL Local UK courier logo


The application is available on Shopify App Store.

Go to the App Store and try it! Its free for up to 30 shipments per month.

You can also watch the installation and configuration video.  Go to video


The pricing is based on how many shipments are created in a month.

Free Basic Standard Premium Elite
Monthly price$0$5$10$15$20
Shipments included301002505001000
Additional usage rate*$0.05$0.04$0.03$0.02



Save the time spent filling shipment forms. Let the app do it for you!


You can configure how the application works and make it suit your Shopify store management style.

The integration options are specific to each country because the API's capabilities and requirements are different:

DPD UK & DPD Local UK Options

DPD Local Uk app screenshot options page

Shipping method mapping to DPD services

In the above page, you can select a default DPD service for each shipping option you have defined for your store.

Each time a shipment is created in the DPD system, our app has to select a DPD service from the available services provided by DPD for the shipping address of the order.

As the list of available services depends on the order's shipping address, we take the next steps to pick the most appropriate service:

  1. We look into the shipping methods mapping to see if the shipping method selected in the order is mapped to a DPD service - if it is, and that service is available, then use it.
  2. If previous step was unsuccessful, check if the Preferred Service Type is available.
  3. If Preferred Service Type is not available, then use the first available service.

Also, the service can be changed in the DPD webpage after the shipment is created, before printing the label.

DPD Romania Options

DPD Romania app screenshot options page

DPD Slovenia & DPD Croatia Options

DPD Slovenia & Croatia app screenshot options page

Setting fulfillment service

The integration module provides functionality to set the fulfillment service provider for products, in bulk, right from the Products admin page.

DPD app screenshot product page

This may be useful if you want to mark items which should be delivered by DPD.

Important note: Shipments can be created for products which use DPD fulfillment service or with Manual fulfillment, the difference is that manually fulfilled products will be marked as Fulfilled by Shopify as soon as the shipment is created, while the fulfillments for products using DPD service will by marked as fulfilled (shipped) by this integration, only after DPD picks up the package for delivery.

In order to set DPD fulfillment service, go to Products page in your shop admin, select the products, then in the Actions dropbox select Fulfillment with DPD.

Please read the application's privacy policy here.