FanCourier Integration

Part of the Fan Shipping application

We are offering Shopify integration with the leading courier service in Romania, FanCourier.

Our integration app is able to automate the process of generating tracking numbers, keeping the customers up to date with the status of the delivery and close the fulfillment on successful delivery.

To use the SelfAWB integration API, you need to have a contract with FAN Courier.

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The application is available on Shopify App Store.

Go to the App Store and try it! Its free for up to 30 AWBs per month.

You can also watch the installation video.  Go to video


The pricing is based on how many AWBs are created in a month.

Free Basic Standard Premium Elite Pro 3k
Monthly price $0$5$10$15$20$40
AWBs included 3010025050010003000
Additional usage rate *$0.05$0.04$0.03$0.02$0.01
Calculated rates NoNoYesYesYesYes



Save the time spent filling AWB forms. Let the app do it for you!

FAN Courier shipment list and batch generation page


You can customize how the app works using the following options:

FAN Courier - Shopify integration options

Postcode validation

If the order shipping address has a wrong postcode or if the postcode does not belong to the province or city, a warning icon, , will be displayed in the order list page, on that order line. If you hover the mouse cursor over the icon, you'll see the reason the postcode validation failed.

screenshot how to fix postcode

The warning icon is followed by a link, "fix", to a page which will help you find the correct postcode and save it to the order's shipping address.

Also, in the Fulfillment details page, a warning message will be displayed if the poscode cannot be validated, followed by the same link to the page for searching a valid postcode.

Calculated rates

The app can provide dynamic shipping rates at checkout, calculated based on the destination and the weight of the order. The shipping rate is provided by FanCourier and it can be ajusted using the app defined rules, if you choose so.

The calculated rates feature requires the following:

FanCourier calculated shipping rates

If your store uses a different currency than RON, the rates are automatically converted you your store currency in checkout.

If FanCourier does not provide a rate for an order, then the app will provide the Min rate defined in options, if the Min rate is configured.

Also, your products must have the weight set, because the weight is an important factor that impacts the shipment rate. If none of the products in an order have weight, then the total weight of the order will be zero and no rate will be provided. In this case the minimum rate will be used, if configured.

FANBox delivery

There are two ways the app can be configured to allow customers to select the FANBox for their order:

  1. Thank-you page mode - in this mode, a popup will be displayed to allow customers to search for pickup points, after the order is completed, in the thank-you page.
    This mode is available to all application plans, including the Free plan.
  2. The 'Show as shipping options' mode - in this mode, the pickup points are displayed during the checkout, when the customer selects the shipping method and rate.
    The pickup points displayed in this case are in the vecinity of the shipping address selected in the previous checkout step.
    This mode is available starting with the Standard plan.
    Also, this mode requires Shopify's Third-party calculated shipping rates feature. The Third-party calculated shipping rates feature is available on the Advanced Shopify plan. Stores on the Shopify plan can also request access by contacting Shopify support.

You can find more details about FANBox delivery in the FanCourier website.

Fan Shipping app options

The FanCourier integration benefits from all features of the Fan Shipping application.

Please check the Fan Shipping application page for more details.

Please read the application's privacy policy here and the terms and conditions for providing this service.