TNT Italy Integration

Part of the Fan Shipping application

We are offering Shopify integration with TNT Italy.

Our integration app is able to automate the process of generating tracking numbers, keeping the customers up to date with the status of the delivery and close the fulfillment on successful delivery.

To use this integration, you need TNT Italy API credentials.
Please contact TNT support or your TNT account manager to get API access and the credentials needed to connect the app to your TNT account.

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The application is available on Shopify App Store.

Go to the App Store and try it! Its free for up to 30 labels per month.

You can watch the app's video guide.  Go to video

You can also download our installation guide download guide.


The pricing is based on how many labels are created in a month.

Free Basic Standard Premium Elite Pro 3k
Monthly price $0$5$10$15$20$40
Labels included 3010025050010003000
Additional usage rate *$0.05$0.04$0.03$0.02$0.01



Save the time spent filling shipping forms. Let the app do it for you!

TNT order shipment list and batch generation page


You can customize how the app works using the following options:

TNT Italy - Shopify integration options

Shipping method mapping

The Edit Shipping Method Mapping button - opens a new page to edit the mapping between the shipping methods configured in your Shopify store and TNT services:

Shipping method mapping to TNT services

In the above page, you can select a default TNT service for each shipping option you have defined for your store.

There are two types of mappings:

How it works:

Each time a shipment is created on the TNT system, our app has to select a TNT service from the available services (services with a pickup account configured).

We take the next steps to pick the most appropriate service:

  1. Look into the shipping methods mapping to see if the shipping method selected in the order is mapped to a TNT service - if it is, and that service is available (has a pickup account set), then use it.
  2. If previous step was unsuccessful, use the Default Service selected in the app's options page.

Order tracking

After the tracking number is created the integration app checks the delivery status periodically and updates the order status in Shopify accordingly.

In the Order tracking page, you can see the list of orders that are currently tracked by the app. The list can be printed or exported to a CSV file.

There is also the option to print a 'bordero' file with a list of selected orders, which can be handed over to the TNT driver when the packages are collected.

Fan Shipping app options

The TNT integration benefits from all features of the Fan Shipping application.

Please check the Fan Shipping application page for more details.

Please read the application's privacy policy here and the terms and conditions for providing this service.