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Mainly, there are two types of costs you need to consider: the initial cost of building the site and the monthly cost of running your store.
The initial cost, would include the cost of the store theme, product photos, any content you'd like to have created, web design as well as setup and customization. You may have a look at our Offer page to see how we can help.
The monthly cost will include the Shopify fees, which you can estimate using our Cost Calculator, as well as the cost of the apps you will install to enhance your store functionality.Our pricing will be based on the needs of your particular business.
The first step to finding out more is to get in touch - please Contact Us!
Projects usually take between 1 and 10 weeks, depending on the specifics and requirements of each store and our ongoing projects planning.
Again, we need to talk. Please Contact Us!
Shopify admin is easy to use and Shopify provides guides, but it seems that a clear checklist of what a store owner needs to do, to get his store up and running, is not that easy to find.
If you’re going for the DIY option, you may find our Shopify configuration checklist very useful.
Yes, you can, if your theme has such a feature implemented or if we install an app which can do it.
However, in the checkout section, only one currency is displayed - the store’s currency. Only recently Shopify launched a multi-currency feature for stores using Shopify Payments.
Yes, there are several apps dedicated to adding this functionality to Shopify stores.
We recommend Langify or Weglot, but these are not the only options. Depending on the size of your store and your preferences, we can help you choose the best option.
No, we usually work with the artwork and content provided by the store owner.
However, we partner with other agencies and freelancers to provide this service. We can help you find service providers for product photography, artwork or web design.
Yes, we do create Shopify accounts according to your desired plan and before choosing a plan we can offer a FREE trial store, without the 14 days limit you get on the Shopify site.
There are two types of SEO, on page SEO and off page SEO.
We take care of the technical aspects of the on page SEO, which means making the code and the content of store search engine friendly, recommending and installing apps to use for managing on page SEO, setting the redirects if you are migrating the store from another platform.
Shopify comes with all the features needed to build a successful and amazing Store to sell on the internet.
Is it the best? … well, it depends on what your needs are. No platform in the world is the best for everything, but since Shopify is the choice of over 600.000 stores, it must be good isn’t it?
You may want to read the following articles to see why we think Shopify is one of the best online store platforms in the world:
Unfortunately this is not possible at this time. All payment methods enabled on the store are available at checkout.
Yes, you can either buy a new domain or connect an existing domain to your Shopify store. You can buy the domain directly from Shopify or from any other registrar.
Probably ... there is no one-size-fits-all technique for page loading speed optimizations.
There are multiple possible causes which might impact your store loading speed. We can analyze your store and provide custom solutions to improve the loading speed. Please Contact Us.
Sure we can! We are using multiple techniques and apps to migrate from any other platform and give your store new life.
Yes! Multiple sales channel integrations are available in Shopify to help you manage your sales on Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Pinterest and more. Each one has its own specifics and requirements, so get in touch with us to find out more.